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Post 49


World Wide Welcome to my Venturing Post 49 page. We are about to start a new Venturing Post. We have our sponsor and all necessary paper work. I hope you enjoy this experience, as much as we will as it progresses!

forestline First of all, I would like to thank McAllen Grace Brethren Church, the South Texas Indian Dancers Association and last but not least, our fearless leader(drum roll please)....Pastor Robert Soto for sponsoring us. THANKS ROBERT!!!!!

Our theme for the Venturing Post is, "Native American Lore." This will include: learning how to bead, mens and womens dances, mens and womens outfits, and last but not least, learning to drum and sing. I will have links to the South Texas Indian Dancers Association and the monthly(we hope *smile*) newsletter. This is going to be the best Post ever!!!

Sit back and watch it unfold!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our first meeting and rechartering takes place on Monday April 12, 1999. All the paperwork is due to be turned in and monies collected at that time and the next day, Tuesday, we will be official!!! YEAH!!! Check back then.



Voice of the Wind

forestline smiles's & sunshine To all and my profound thanks for visiting!

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