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Where's The Troop?


World Wide Welcome to our camping page! I am finally putting it up. I hope you enjoy what it has to offer:~)

Well, Summer Camp 1997 at Camp Perry proved to be all it promised! The new scouts were at our famous Super Troop Area, where they could learn most all the requirements from Tenderfoot Rank to 1st Class Rank! Needless to say, they had fun!

Two of our 1st year campers(already 1st Class Rank) were involved in taking merit badges most of the day. There were a few of the required merit badges(for Eagle) and some fun ones. I think they enjoyed the Swimming merit badge and the Scoutcraft ones best of all. With the temperature reaching 110 degrees in the shade(no joke) those were the two best places to be on camp, except where some of the adult leaders could be found!

We now have a BSA qualified Lifeguard. We will be returning for a weekend camp out, to get the other boys and some of the adult leaders CPR Certified in September.

The coolest place on camp(besides the air conditioned Health Lodge) was the corner of our Order of the Arrow Lodge. Bless the Camp Ranger or whoever thought to put that picnic table on that corner!!!

The adult leaders had many things to keep them occupied. Here are a few of them: visiting their scouts at the different merit badge classes. Finding the pool and going back several times to get swimming certified(just to cool off! just kidding) BUT the pool was popular! We also got to be CPR Certified(those that had their cards from a year ago), Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat Certification. THANKS Ranger Pete and Fred the Lifeguard! BUT most of all, the TWO BEST classes we adults took, was Breeze Catching in the morning and Nap Taking in the afternoon! Those of us ambitious enough, did both in the afternoon. Finals were held on Friday afternoon(July 25, 1997) and I am happy to report.........WE ALL PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIP-PEE!!!!!

Another first for our Camp Perry(we made the local news) was the fact that this year we were an International Camp. We had three flags flying! One from Mexico, one from England and our United States Flag. The Mexican Scouts were from three different areas in Mexico, Saltillo, Querataro, and Nuevo Leon. The English Scout Contingent was from across England(Bebbington and Merseyside who were celebrating their 50th year of that Council!) We had also had a Troop from San Antonio visiting also!! What fun we had. There were evening games of Soccer. An enjoyable time was had by all! The staff even got involved!

On Friday(July 25) was Parent's Night! There were skits and awards handed out. The adult leaders got a very special patch, Camp Perry's 70th Anniversary Patch and a special mug! Thank you from us all.

Then the night became solemn, as the troops walked the Scout Law Trail to the Order of the Arrow Ring. All those who attended this last week of camp were in for a real treat, as different Native American dances were performed. Very beautiful! Thanks so much.

Saturday(July26) was most memorable......WE GOT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We do look forward to next year!

's & To all and my profound thanks for visiting!

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