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World Wide Welcome to my scouting page. This page has changed. Our troop has lapsed in its Recharter. The good news is, the boys are now "Venturing" (play on the words *smile*). Information on our new "Venturing Post" will be available sometime in March. We are finalizing all details and getting ready to cross the T's and dot the I's. This page will be a link to my other Scouting pages, as well as adding new links. Information on upcoming events that are related to Scouting in our area will be available. There are going to be links to our Council, Order of the Arrow Lodge and other scouting places of interest. Hope you enjoy them!


Congratulations go to Camp Perry on 70 beautiful and rewarding camping years. Happy 70th Anniversary! 1997


I hope you enjoy our trip to Summer Camp as we continue with the "Scouting Spirit!"


Congratulations go out to Chris H. and Jason L. for obtaining their Eagle Scout Rank on January 10, 1998!!! The trail was long and toilsome, but you finally made it!! Continue on in the Scouting Spirit!


Scouting Links
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smiles's & sunshine To all and my profound thanks for visiting!

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