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Hi. :)'s & Sunshine to one and all. World Wide Welcome to my page.

I am building this site, so that I can place our Venturing Post and give local scouting information a place on the web so that you might enjoy what it has to offer. This is the front page or home page so that it may guide you through the rest of my pages. I hope you will enjoy what you find within this other part of my life.

It has been awhile since I have updated anything, my appologies. I have been busy with college, kids, taking care of our home, doctor visits for my husband(has diabetis) and scouting, commissionering, doing my Brotherhood Advisor thing for the OA, working with the Venturing Post, and attending Pow Wows as a member of the South Texas Indian Dancers Association. My plate is overflowing and then some *SMILE* I sure am enjoying it though!!! HAPPY SCOUTING!!!!

Who we are:

We have been involved in Scouting since February 1989. The troop was started in February of 1989. This was right before the new changes were to take place beginning in 1990. The troop had a one year lapse, then was rechartered. Then in 1997, we let the troop go and made a Venturing Post.

My husband(Homer Jr.): Was the Scoutmaster of our troop. He is also a Unit Commissioner for the Arrowhead District, Rio Grande Council. He has been Scout Leader Basic Trained and received his Wood Badge Beads. He is a Brotherhood member in Wewanoma Lodge #272. He is also the Committee Chairman for the Venturing Post. He received his Scouter Training Knot.

Myself(Marjorie[Margie]): I was the Charter Organization Representative of our troop and now for our Venturing Post. I have been Scout Leader Basic Trained and have also received my Wood Badge Beads. I am also a Unit Commissioner for the same district and council. I am a Vigil Honor member[12/15/99] in Wewanoma Lodge #272 and the Brotherhood Advisor. I attended the 1996 and 1998 Section Region 1 Order of the Arrow Conclaves held at Sam Houston State University. I was also, last but not least, a Webelos Den Leader. I have also received my Scouter Training Knot and I received my Arrowhead Honor as a Commissioner, as well as my Scouter's Knot!!!

My oldest son(Homer, III): Was the Assistant Scoutmaster for the troop. It was because of him we became involved in scouting. He has been involved with band(playing the Trombone) and Scouting since 6th grade(1989). He is also the Associate Advisor for the Venturing Post, and like us, a Unit Commissioner in the same district and council. He is an Eagle Scout with 3 Silver Palms and Vigil Honor member in the Order of the Arrow. He is also Scout Leader Basic Trained and went through Wood Badge Training and received his Beads as well as his Scouter Training Knot. He also attended the same Section Conclaves as myself.

My other son(Chris): Joined the Venturing Post also. He has been involved in Scouting since the 5th grade(that is how I became more involved). Besides Scouting, he has been involved in Orchestra(playing the violin, viola, cello and bass) since the 6th grade. He is an Eagle Scout with a Silver Palm and Vigil Honor member also. We hope to send him through Scout Leader Basic as well as the next Wood Badge course in the new millinium. He taught himself to play guitar(electric as well) and bass guitar, where he plays for our church.

Well, that is our Scouting story and it continues to unfold. As it does, I will keep you updated. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

This page was updated on September 26, 2000 at 7:57PM CDT.

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